New Final Fantasy X HD Footage Unveiled

In a surprise Playstation Vita Press Conference overnight, Square Enix  have revealed the first new footage of Final  Fantasy X HD since early last year. Whether or not it was worth waiting an entire year for this new footage is debatable – especially considering the limited amount of gameplay shown – but it is certainly nice to finally catch a glimpse of the new graphics engine being utilised within the game.  Continue reading


Dark Souls – A Misunderstood Masterpiece

Many of you have probably heard of Dark Souls, but it may well be for all the wrong reasons. The title is infamous for being brutally difficult, often dubbed “the hardest game ever”, but to be completely truthful, Dark Souls is not really difficult at all. Some of you who have played the game may be laughing at that last sentence, but let me explain why I think Dark Souls can be a walk in the park, as long as you are willing to conform to the rules of the game.

The entire reasoning of many behind why Dark Souls is difficult mainly stems from the way in which the game forces you to take on the advice it lends you and, after having mastered the technique it wishes to teach you, using it wisely. If that seems a bit hard to get your head around, all I’m basically saying is this: you have to play Dark Souls exactly the way the developers intended you to. Now many may see this as being a great negativity of Dark Souls, many claiming that this “restricts your darksouls2freedom” and “prevents you from finding intuitive ways to defeat bosses”, but although it is true that the way in which Dark Souls prevents challenges does often mean there is only a single way to achieve your goal, this also means there’s no moment where you think, “there is no way to beat this boss!”, as you may do in other games, as there is always a way to win. Continue reading

NIER Review

“In the distant future, humanity’s glories are but a forgotten memory, it’s greatest achievements vanished into dust on the wind. The world that remains – a strange and savage place – is dying. As the world collapses into chaos around him, as his very mind betrays him, the man will press on with a single, dim light flickering in his mind:”

“He will save his daughter. No matter the cost.” and so begins NIER.

The story begins with Nier’s daughter, Yonah. Afflicted by the curse of the ‘Black Scrawl’, Yonah has become gravely ill, close to death. Nier is thrown into a life-and-death situation. With ‘Shades’ – mysterious monsters intent on wreaking havoc upon civilization – appearing ever nearer to the small village settlement, and the impending terror that the death of his only daughter is but weeks away, he is forced to journey across vast stretches of land to uncover a cure for his daughter’s ailment. Continue reading

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Code of Princess Releases On October 9th

The 3DS is being gifted to a second helping of JRPG fun, as not only were we treated to Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance a few weeks ago, but now Atlus has confirmed that us in North America can get our hands on Code of Princess on October 9th.

The “interesting” cast of Code of Princess

Code of Princess is an action inspired side scrolling role-playing game developed by Agatsuma Entertainment, who have previously worked on titles such as ‘Let’s Draw’ for the DS and ‘Pocket Dogs’ on the GBA.

Former Capcom artist Kinu Nishimura helped to design the characters and game world, and the game design itself is being handled by HAN and Masaki Ukyo, who are famed for their work on Guardian Heroes. Many well-known game developers have been involved with the project, and I personally think that the game looks exceptionally promising! Continue reading